I’m not exactly sure how it happened but somehow, figs missed my radar.  I only tried my first fig last year and oh my, it blew me away.  Since then, I’ve taken every opportunity I can to include figs in salads, desserts or even just sliced atop a morning bowl of muesli and yoghurt.  There seems to be an abundance of figs at the markets at the moment and I can’t resist buying a little box or a bag of them to take home.  This morning, I’ve made a delicious fig tart using this recipe. The pastry recipe I used (here) was incredibly easy, except that I overworked it in the processor which I think made it a little lumpy.

I can’t say it was the most attractive dessert, due to the lumpy pastry, but I can say that this tart made up for its visual shortcomings by being incredibly gooey and figgy and delicious.

PastryFigsFig TartFig tartFig Tart

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