Rosemary & Twine Christmas Gift Tags

I love this time of year.  Carols playing, Christmas baking, the giving of thoughtful and beautifully {simply} wrapped gifts with a handwritten card.   I recently created some gift tags with rosemary from the garden, a handful of luggage tags and red and white twine.  A simple combination of non-Christmas items which ended up creating something very festive.

Rosemary & Twine Christmas Gift Tags | brownpaperbelle.comRosemary & Twine Christmas Gift Tags | brownpaperbelle.comRosemary & Twine Christmas Gift Tags |

Garden Party Invitation

My very beautiful friend was recently proposed to by her Prince Charming. On a bridge.  In Paris.  With the City of Light glimmering around them.  Although they live in London, they are returning home for Christmas and are in the midst of planning an engagement party in the garden on a summers’ afternoon.  As I’ve written about countless times before, I love paper and deciding all of the details that come with invitations – pattern, colour, weight, texture.  So when there was uncertainty over how to have the invitations made and sent out within the week, I was thrilled to be able to assist.  After many discussions over email and messages sent back and forth at ungodly hours, we decided on a design and I got busy making a suite of invitations that fitted the original three word brief: casual, summery, patterned.  Here is what we came up with.
Happy engagement dear friend.  I couldn’t be happier for you and I can’t wait for the celebration.

Garden Party Invitation | brownpaperbelle.comGarden Party Invitation | brownpaperbelle.comGarden Party Invitation |

All That Shines Is Silver

I truly detest polishing silver.  So much so that with the silver household items around the house, I’ve conveniently convinced myself that the tarnished kind of silver is the kind of silver I like.  More rustic and authentic than the perfectly polished kind.  When it comes to silver jewellery though, it is a slightly more difficult case to argue.  Tarnished silver jewellery is less rustic and more…drab.  I stumbled across this ‘how to’ on a friends page and decided there would be no harm in giving it a try.  I’m very glad I did.  It worked a treat. Sparkly, shiny-as-new silver jewellery with next-to-no effort required at all.

Here are the ‘How To’ instructions I used>>>

Easy Silver Jewellery Cleaning | brownpaperbelle.comEasy Silver Jewellery Cleaning | brownpaperbelle.comEasy Silver Jewellery Cleaning | brownpaperbelle.comEasy Silver Jewellery Cleaning | brownpaperbelle.comEasy Silver Jewellery Cleaning |
Easy Silver Jewellery Cleaning |{Thanks to Sam for the suggestion!}

A Splash of Spain

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” {William Morris}
I read this quote while waiting for my coffee to be made in a coffee shop years and years ago and it has always stuck with me.  It’s the sort of thing I say to myself when buying a completely useless object that I believe to be completely beautiful.  Or to stop myself from buying something mostly because it’s on sale.  Or before I do a clean out of the kitchen cupboards.  A sort of mantra for reducing the clutter in one’s life.

A few years ago, my parents returned from a holiday in Spain with some beautiful Spanish tiles as a gift.  I loved them right away, and thought them very beautiful, but wasn’t sure what quite to do with them.  I considered including them in some sort of mosaic table top {which is still a possibility in the future} but for the moment, I’ve attached some felt to the back and made them into beautifully colourful coasters for the dinner table.  A simple DIY using only a few materials ended up making something beautiful, into something useful as well.

Click here for the instructions>>>

Spanish Tile Coaster DIY | brownpaperbelle.comSpanish Tile Coaster DIY | brownpaperbelle.comSpanish Tile Coaster DIY |

Vintage Find: Brass Candlestick Collection

I accidentally started another collection.  I’ve had two tall brass candlesticks that I found at the  Clignancourt Flea Market in Paris years ago.  Then, recently, I picked up a short squat candlestick from a thrift store.  And by chance, just last weekend I found a miniature candlestick at a flea market.  I hadn’t consciously set out to create a collection of brass candlesticks, but now that I have the four together, and they look so lovely, I’ll be on the search for more.  Imagine how beautiful they will look down the length of a long dinner party, with candles flickering their golden glow over the table.  Perfection.

Vintage Find: Brass Candlestick Collection | brownpaperbelle.comVintage Find: Brass Candlestick Collection |

The {Good} Spray

I’ve never liked using fly sprays – especially around children or food.  So a little while ago, I concocted this spray as something I could use as a fly spray in the kitchen and around Jack.  But it has turned into so much more!  I use it for everything.  From cleaning down benches, wiping Jack’s highchair, cleaning the hotplate after use – a multi-purpose cleaning spray.  And while I have NO scientific {or otherwise} evidence that it is effective as a fly spray – I truly think it is.   Although I must note that Adam does not agree on this one.  In any case, it’s a clean, cheap and handy little spray to have around.

Click here for the instructions>>>

DIY Eco-Friendly Multi-Purpose Spray | brownpaperbelle.comDIY Eco-Friendly Multi-Purpose Spray |

A Work In Progress

Ever since reading about Confetti System of The Design Files, I have been obsessed .  I think it is incredible that they have essentially created a completely new art form.  Their installations are complex and beautiful and cheeky and fun.  Truly spectacular.

Inspired, I set out to create a tassel garland for our office space, a smaller and more modest version of this custom installation by Confetti System {it still takes my breath away}:
Confetti System Custom Design | brownpaperbelle.comNow, i’m not usually one to share a work in progress but I’m not quite ready to call this project ‘complete’.  I’ve decided I probably have the right shades and textures of fabric, but I need to make a tonne more tassels, vary the sizes a little and more importantly, work on my arrangement so it is less controlled, and more haphazard.

Here is the work in progress:
Confetti System Work In Progress | brownpaperbelle.comI’ll be sure to share with you once I’ve finished.  Wish me luck! x